The Learning and Living Campaign

Maranatha renovation project

We've now renovated 61 rooms in Rees Hall, the women's residence at Union College. Thank you for your continued support. We're currently making plans for next summer. Check back for updates.

What to see what happened during our first year of the Rees renovation project? Watch the video above or check out this Facebook photo album.

Learning and living go hand in hand. While classrooms are obvious learning spaces, residence halls are also an integral part of education. Students study, tutor, and prepare for classes in their residence hall rooms, and feeling comfortable and safe can help students focus on their studies. Union's ongoing renovation campaign focuses on transforming these learning environments for Union College students. 

We've already had a great deal of success. Thanks to the generosity of many alumni, friends and other supporters, students now benefit from updated classrooms and 34 remodeled rooms in Rees Hall. And there's still a lot left to do with your help.

Photo of a residence hall room.

2019: the story so far

In the summer of 2019, 118 volunteers working with Maranatha Volunteers International renovated 34 rooms in Rees Hall, the women's residence hall at Union. Their work was made possible by the generosity of many alumni and other supporters of the university who gave $200,494. See the tabs below for a full list of volunteers and donors.

In addition, $20,225 in donations have been put to work on the second floor of the Everett Dick Administration Building, replacing outdated desks with more flexible table and chair seating.

Photo: Artists rendering of renovations to the Everett Dick Building amphitheater.

2020: the vision

(403,535.15 raised as of 03/01/20)

The amphitheater classrooms in the Everett Dick Administration Building will be completely remodeled in the summer of 2020.

Thank you for your gifts! Tweaked plans to integrate new opportunities have slightly raised our goal amount. Donate below and select the Dick Building Amphitheater.

$247,200 goal
(Fully funded!)

Maranatha plans to return to campus June 6-18, 2021 to renovate 27 rooms in Rees Hall. The cabinets are already built and new windows installed, but we need volunteers to stain and install the cabinets, paint and put in new flooring, lighting, etc.

Fund Rees Hall renovations

The wear and tear of more than 60 years means Rees Hall rooms are not always the relaxing refuge they should be. Students live with cracked linoleum and broken drawers. We're changing that.

So far, 34 rooms have been lovingly modernized, and we can't wait to tackle 27 more next summer. Each room will receive new windows, flooring, paint, desks, shelving, chairs, lighting and updated closet space.

Even the most dedicated volunteers still need materials. We're raising $254,000 to fund the next phase of renovations, and we need your help!

Here's what your gifts can do:

  • $6,000—renovate and furnish an entire room
  • $5,000—renovate an entire room
  • $2,500—new windows and blinds for one room
  • $1,200—bookshelves and drawers for one room
  • $1,000—new task chairs, bunk beds and mattresses for one room
  • $400—flooring for one room
  • $250—lighting for one room
  • $200—paint for one room
  • $150—one new task chair
  • $50—window blinds for one room
Photo of three Union college alumnae who helped renovate Rees Hall in 2019

Volunteer to renovate Rees

In the summer of 2019, 118 volunteers dedicated the work of their hands to God, and the outcome was transformative. We are looking forward to Marantha Volunteers International returning to campus June 6-18, 2021 to renovate an additional 27 rooms.

You can stay the full two weeks or just a couple of days. We'll take whatever time you can give. No previous experience required. There's something for everyone to do, no matter your age.

We're also looking for people with specific experience in:

  • finish carpentry
  • flooring
  • electrical
  • cabinet building
  • Give now!
  • 2019 Volunteers
  • 2019 Donors

You can also give by mail. Make checks payable to Union College and mark them for the "Learning and Living Campaign." Send to:

Union College
Advancement Office
3800 S. 48th Street
Lincoln, NE  68506

or call 402.486.2503.