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Before coming to Union College as president, I had worked elsewhere in Adventist education for 25 years. I thought I knew a lot about Union. I was wrong. This is not an ordinary school. Union College is almost more of a verb than a noun. It's an experience you must have for yourself to fully understand.

Every day, I see students and colleagues Union Colleging—exercising God's calling for their lives through leadership, service and faith.

My crash course in how to Union College started when I checked into the Ortner Center before my campus interview. When I asked Marcia, the guest services director, a question, she pointed me to a student. “She’s in charge,” I was told. “I’m just here to make sure she has the support she needs.”

As college administrators, our duty is similarly focused on empowering others—students, employees, alumni and our communities. We provide resources and foster the unique environment that allows those around us to shine and Union College to happen. It's a big job, and our strength comes from our Christ-centered mission and the support of people like you.

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