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The Job Hunt

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If you get a job on campus, you'll need to provide the original or copy of your birth certificate and social security card. Your earnings are directly deposited into your bank of choice, so bring the bank account and routing number with you.

  • Register for your classes. Potential employers want to know if your free times match with when they need workers.
  • Check our job board. Apply via email to the contact listed in the posting.
  • Follow up with the people you applied to. Make sure they know you are interested in the job.
  • Don't find a fit? CustodialUnion Market and the Larson Lifestyle Center are the largest student employers on campus. Contact them directly to ask about possible jobs.


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We plan to play sports this fall, but because of the coronavirus, we'll be doing things a little differently. We're working with our teams, our league and our sister colleges to figure out the best procedures to make sure we have a great fall season. Normally soccer and volleyball tryouts would begin during move-in week, but this year they won't start until after classes begin. We'll share more information as it becomes available.

Varsity Sports
Our varsity teams—basketball, volleyball, soccer and golf—are members of the Association of Christian Athletic Colleges. Players can also earn an elective class credit. This season may look a little different because of the corona virus, but we'll still planning to have teams.

Intramural sports have a high degree of participation from athletes of all skill levels. The schedule also includes class tournaments that require less time commitment.

Union’s acrobatic gymnastics team travels throughout the country performing at churches, high schools and other venues. Acro has less in common with the artistic gymnastics seen at the Olympics and is more closely related to cheerleading and circus acrobatics.


When you are enrolled as a full-time student, you are automatically a member of the Student Assocation (SA). Plus, you'll be able to pick several other campus clubs to join. Here are a few examples:

  • IRR Outdoor Club
  • Business Club
  • Fencing Club
  • Horse Lovers Club
  • International Club
  • Nursing Club
  • Red Cross Club
  • Table Top Club
  • United Nations Club


Union sponsors a variety of music groups, and every semester is a little different depending on the talent on campus. You don’t have to be a music major to join a group, but most require auditions. As you might expect, we want to keep everyone safe, so our music groups will look a little different this fall.

If you're interested in trying out for one of our music groups, please reach out to the appropriate professor below

Union sponsored music groups

  • Unionaires choir
  • Vocal Ensemble
  • Concert Band
  • Chamber Orchestra
  • Handbell choir
  • Golden Cords String Ensemble