Union’s legacy trees

When a storm took down a couple of the oldest trees on our campus in 2017, some craftsmen on our campus turned the wood into something new and beautiful.

As cleanup from the storm began, Eric Berg of the Nebraska Forest Service examined a slice from one of the large Honey Locust trees that stood along 48th Street. After counting the rings, Berg believes the tree was planted in the 1870s and is one of the oldest trees in Lincoln. He also indicated that 125 - 135 years is a typical life span for a Honey Locust.

The wood was milled soon after and now Kevin Carter and other Union College Plant Services craftsmen have created several pieces of beautiful furniture—desks, coffee tables, benches and more.

These pieces will be offered to donors who make premium gifts to Union College's Learning and Living Campaign to renovate rooms in Rees Hall and the amphitheater classroom in the basement of the Everett Dick Administration Building.

Find out how you can make one of these pieces your by calling 402.486.2503.

How the oldest trees in Lincoln become beautiful furniture.

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