Program endowments

A gift to establish an endowment provides an invested pool of money to generate a reliable source of income in perpetuity. Endowed funds can be designated for scholarships or programs. 

Union invests the principal and uses the interest to support what the donor designates. 

Thank you to all of those who contribute to both these endowments through gifts to Union College. Our students are forever grateful for your continued support.


As of May 31, 2018, the fair market value of endowment funds established for the benefit of Union College was $21.8 million, a number that has doubled in the last 11 years.

Union now has 21 program endowments that support the work of individual programs on campus.

Student accomplishment endowments

Board of Trustees Fund for Engaged Learning—Supports four $1,000 annual cash awards to outstanding student writers.

Kent Stahly Excellence in Finance Award—Provides a student who demonstrates accomplishment in managing a stock portfolio with a $1,000 cash award which must be used to establish their own personal investment portfolio.

Faculty development endowments

Dart Herber Fund—Established in 1998 to enrich faculty development as well as serving other priority purposes as determined by the president.

Fund 57 for Faculty Development—Supporting teaching faculty in professional growth activities since 2006.

Faculty Enhancement Fund—Gifted in the 2017-18 year to support the professional growth of faculty who teach in science and mathematics.

Academic programs and services

AdventHealth Endowed Chair of Business Administration—Dr Lisa Forbes, professor of accounting and finance, is the chairholder of Union’s first endowed chair. 

Thomson History Professorship—Dr Ed Allen, professor of religion, teaches courses in religious history.

Wayne and Harriet Hooper Music Fund—In addition to scholarships for students involved in music, this endowment also directs funds to the division of fine arts music program to strengthen the program and increase visibility for Union College by supporting music trips, instrument acquisition, instrument repair, recruitment of music majors, and so forth.

Floyd E Bresee Memorial Fund, Louise Carson Memorial Fund, Merrill and Violet Dart Memorial Fund, and Marvin Knoll Memorial Fund—These four funds support the operation of the Union Scholars program.

Jim & Carol Hargreaves Academic Resources Endowment—Enriches the resources of George Stone Laboratory School so college education majors are afforded a strong experience in a multi-grade classroom. 

Edyth Johnson Trust—Provides general operating support for George Stone Laboratory School where college education majors gain valuable experience in the multi-grade elementary and middle-school setting.

Claudia F Parks Scholarship—Funds annual support for young students enrolled in George Stone Elementary.

F Thomson Library Endowment—Provides additional funds for the college Library and heritage room.

Floda V Smith Library Endowment—Annual funding for electronic database subscriptions procured by the library.

Barbara Goyne Tribute Fund for Student Success—Allows the Teaching Learning Center to underwrite students’ out-of-pocket costs for testing to identify learning disabilities, mental health diagnosis, and emergency prescription costs.

George Yancer Academic Support Services Fund—Allows acquisition of resources to be used within the Teaching Learning Center or subsidizes education and training for academic coaches to enhance their abilities to work with students who have learning disabilities.

Warrior Men's Basketball Endowment—Supplements college budgetary allocations for Warrior men's basketball.

Administrative support resources

Herber Student Missionary Endowment—To be used at the discretion of the Union College chaplain to support projects in conjunction with the student missions program.

Lang Transportation Endowment—Underwrites the costs of transportation for groups traveling on behalf of Union College for recruitment, public relations or educational purposes.

Union College Fund Endowment—Established in 1999 to support special projects not included in the college’s operating budget.

Loan fund endowments

Max Christianson Loan Fund Endowment

H N Friesen Memorial Fund

Gregerson Loan Fund Endowment

Nellie Kasman Loan Fund

Marranatha Donor Fund

Sloop Family Education Fund

These six funds provide dollars the college can distribute as loans to students.